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    Kentlands is one of the first, and probably the best known, of the archetypal towns and villages of country and city which are designed by architects who actually plan, not just buildings, but entire communities and the towns in which they exist. Lakelands is a similar, adjacent, community with a character of its own.

  Arlands (ArcLands), also known as new urbanism and neo-traditional developments,  are classic towns and villages of country and city.  New old-fashioned-towns are conceived by architects who design archetypal communities reminiscent of classical Currier and Ives villages. Kentlands and Lakelands in Gaithersburg, Maryland, are evocative of the all-American village that Gaithersburg itself was in the middle of the twentieth century. The nature of these communities, of course, hearken back to the villages of Europe and all the way back city-states of ancient Greece. See History.

   In celebration of the classic villages which are the inspiration for the neo-traditional designs of new urbanism, we will be looking at some of the inspirational towns here and abroad as well as at the new towns.


 The pictures below link to full page ads in the Washington Post from November 5, 1994. The planned Market Square was built and has been reasonably successful although some businesses struggled, and parking has always been a problem. None-the-less, it has been one of the most popular Maryland communities with sidewalks on all streets, connecting homes and businesses. Residents can walk or bike to everything.


An 8-page ad in The Cleveland Press from 1962-63 (complete with first lady of the time copy-cat style fashion) reveals that the old town look was sought after at that time ahead of Kentlands, but the Lodge and Shopping Plaza on page 7 never made it to construction.


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